My name is Jasmine Eppes and I am a Freelance Writer based out of Baltimore, MD. I am the owner of Jazz E Pen to Paper, a business which offers a variety of freelance writing services. When I am not freelancing, I am either at my place of work, which is in the healthcare field or traveling somewhere new.

I graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2012 with my Bachelor degree in Health Administration and Public Policy. Subsequently, I graduated from the University of Maryland, University College in 2014 where I received my Master degree in Health Care Administration.

I possess specialized knowledge in the areas of Medicare and Medicaid. I also retain the Certified Fraud Examiner’s (CFE) designation which has aided in furthering my expertise in the extensive and ever-changing world of fraud detection & deterrence.

Not only do I possess technical abilities, but I am able to effectively utilize my creative side in order to produce original, engaging, and creative content for various businesses. I am a published writer who not only has a passion for writing but is dedicated, hardworking and willing to go the extra mile to ensure my pieces are high-quality, effective, and engaging.

Ultimately, I began this journey of freelancing to explore my passion for writing creatively, which allows me to deliver my own unique voice to each creative writing project that I complete.

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